Relocation Incentive Program

The Dixon Police Department has an enhanced recruitment strategy that includes a relocation incentive to cover qualified moving expenses.

Definition of Qualified Moving Expenses

For the purposes of this relocation incentive, qualified moving expenses will include:

• Transportation Costs: Fees for moving household items and personal effects.

• Travel Expenses: Costs of travel to Dixon, including airfare or fuel.

• Temporary Lodging Expenses: Accommodation costs during the relocation process.

• Storage Fees: Charges for storing goods if necessary, during the move.

• Packing and Unpacking Services: Professional services for packing and unpacking belongings.

• Utility Connection/Disconnection Fees: Charges related to setting up utilities at the new residence and disconnecting them at the old one.

Please note, expenses related to home buying/selling and home improvements at the new location are not covered under this incentive.

 Relocation Program Details

New Relocation Incentive: Up to $10,000 to reimburse qualified moving expenses for candidates living outside ring on the attached map centered at the Dixon Police Department. If the selected candidate resigns prior to 24 months of employment with the City of Dixon, the employee must pay back the relocation incentive.